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so i have like a last fm which is totally pervy and keeps a record of every song i listen to on itunes. so i'm going to record everything i eat in a week. food fm.

saturday, october 11:

vegemite and butter on mixed grain toast (vegemite was stolen)
peppermint tea
one original sized gym junkie boost with soy milk
a fuckload of water
curry with lentils, tomato, potato, sweet potato, pumpkin and rice. my cat tried it and ate some but also afterwards licked the toilet.
champagne (too many)
beer x 2
most of a gunshy jack's vegie burger (i stopped eating it, but later decided i wanted it and then alex was stuffing it into his face), plus a handful of chips and some coke

and i saw some salt and vinegar chips in the park, completely unattended, when i was shopping. i wanted to eat them. and i also saw a snake next to the yarra. one of the most horrible moments of my life.
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